Boom Beach Has Better Single Player Game And Matchmaking

Among all the virtual games Boom Beach is perhaps the most popular game for its better match making and single player facility. I found that it is not frustrating as other games. It much more dynamic than any other games in the gaming world and the mission of the game is very simple and easy to follow and understand. There were only two options available to me either to win or to lose. Winning helped me get more resources and on the contrary losing the game gave me nothing. It is that simple. The most important feature of boom beach which I liked very much is that the single player mission of the game re-spawns over the time and therefore I was able to play against the computer if I felt like.

There was an amount of resources available to me that was fixed for each level and therefore I had to manage the resources well at all times. I could also use the boom beach tips tool for generation of resources to any limit and as permy wish and requirement. Therefore, I never had any shortage of resources while playing the game. I could get my required resources from the features of the game play easily as all the challenges and tasks were easy for me to complete which made my winning the game easier. This I felt was very important as nobody would like to manage the resources effectively but lose.


The primary objective of the game is to raid other bases which were fun and very interesting. I also found that there was no shielding in Boom Beach as well. This kind of encouraged me even more to go for turtling for longer time and extended periods. Once I passed some of the few first HQ and the radar levels in the game, which was easy, I found enemy players started showing up in my world map. I could scout my opponents at no extra cost and I also had the choice of abstaining from raiding other bases of other players. In any case I had the option to skip them automatically after a day.

This I found is the most interesting feature of the boom beach club. There were no penalties charged to me when I skipped fights and raids which I felt that I could not win. I only concentrated in strengthening my own base and defended it well from any enemy attacks and raids for all times. It is very helpful to have a well-defended base as attacks to a defensive base are more unlikely. My base was not attacked by my enemies for days as I defended it well.

There is also another reason for which my base was not attacked by my enemies. As the basic rule of the boom beach game is to win whenever attacked as there are no resources available in losing a fight, others, including me, abstained from making a raid which is seems to have rare chance of winning. This way I could also lose my trophies which I had. Therefore, there is always a match making in the game which I found was very interesting.

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